Child Life & Accident Insurance

A basic amount of life insurance for your child.

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Overview - Engineers Canada Child Life & Accident Insurance

If you have children, you wouldn't want financial concerns to get in the way of getting the best treatment for them in case of a serious accident. Engineers Canada-sponsored Child Life & Accident is insurance for children that provides:
  • Accident protection for ONE low premium that covers ALL your eligible children
  • Up to $500,000 in Major Impairment benefits or $25,000 in Term Life coverage
  • Freedom to use the benefit amount at your discretion, including taking time off to care for your child

Plan Details

What's covered?

Two-in-one insurance for children. Child Life & Accident combines Major Impairment accident coverage with Term Life insurance.

One premium covers all children. A single low monthly premium covers ALL your eligible dependent children, regardless of how many you have.  Newborn children are automatically covered (no additional application needed) upon reaching the age of 15 days, at no additional cost.

Lump sum benefit amount per child. Each unit of coverage provides up to $100,000 of Major Impairment benefits plus $5,000 of Term Life insurance. With the maximum 5 units, that goes up to $500,000 and $25,000, respectively, for each covered child. The minimum benefit amounts payable are outlined below:

Major Impairment covered losses Amount payable per unitEach unit of Child Life & Accident Insurance provides up to $100,000 of Major Impairment coverage, plus $5,000 Term Life coverage. A maximum of 5 units is available.
Severe brain damage $50,000
Total & permanent paralysis $100,000
Loss of use of two limbs $100,000
Total & permanent loss of sight, speech or hearing $50,000
Loss of use of one limb, one hand or one foot $37,500
Total & permanent loss of sight in one eye $37,500
Total & permanent loss of hearing in one ear $25,000
Term Life insurance benefit Amount payable per unitEach unit of Child Life & Accident Insurance provides up to $100,000 of Major Impairment coverage, plus $5,000 Term Life coverage. A maximum of 5 units is available.
Death by any cause $5,000

What's excluded?

Major Impairment benefits are not payable if impairment results from war, whether declared or not, or any act of war or insurrection. Term Life benefit is not payable if death results from suicide.

Rates and pricing

Child Life & Accident
Monthly premiums
  1 unit 2 units 3 units 4 units 5 units
Major Impairment Up to $100,000 Up to $200,000 Up to $300,000 Up to $400,000 Up to $500,000
Term Life $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $25,000
Monthly premium $1.17 $2.34 $3.51 $4.68 $5.85

Who's eligible?

Members and employees participating in Term Life or Major Accident Protection insurance plans are eligible to apply for Child Life & Accident Insurance for any of their children who are:

  • unmarried,
  • dependent on the Member/Employee for support, and
  • over 14 days but under 25 years of age. (Children over age 21 must be in full-time attendance at an accredited college or university.)

What's involved?

You can apply for Engineers Canada insurance coverages a number of ways:
  1. Download an application for completion and submit back to Garrett Agencies
  2. Contact Us and an advisor can assist you with completion of the appropriate applications

In all cases, you will be contacted, and a professional advisor will review your application to ensure proper completion.

After the application:

Once the application has been completed, a medical professional from a third party paramedical service may call you to arrange a home visit at your convenience. The insurance company may also contact your doctor to request medical records.

Throughout this process, Garrett Agencies will be communicating with you to keep you up to date on progress and may request additional information from you.

Once the insurance company has received and reviewed all the information required, they will issue an offer for insurance which you may choose to either accept or decline.

To apply for Child Life & Accident Insurance, please choose one of the following options:

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